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    At TransCentury PLC, we offer you the opportunity to challenge yourself within a high performance culture, take ownership within a rich entrepreneurial culture and be a part of driving high growth companies across the African continent.


    Whether you are searching for a new challenge in your career or want to be part of a team that yearns to build fast growing infrastructure businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa, TransCentury PLC will provide this opportunity for you as we continue to penetrate the under-served markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. We welcome applications from graduates and post-graduates with highly entrepreneurial, analytical and operational capabilities. We also welcome applications from under-graduates who seek internship opportunities in our company.

    Application criteria are:

    • Minimum university education
    • Strong problem solving and analytical abilities (e.g. Investment analysis, financial management, strategic planning)
    • Demonstrate business acumen and operational experience/know how
    • Excellent leadership and communication skills
    • Ability to travel and work in different countries/cultures
    • Proficient with technology and languages
    • Only prospective and successful applicants will be contacted.
    Employment Opportunity!!!
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